Kidney 3, Kidney 6, Bladder 66

Kidney 3


Find the tip of the inner ankle, Kidney 3 is one cun laterally.
This point is used to strengthen the kidneys and general vitality.
It is recommended to boost the 'Yang' energy, indicated for tired,
cold and pale individuals that need stronger vital heat and energy.

Kidney 6

Kidney 6 is found one cun directly below the tip of the inner ankle.
This point is also used to strengthen the kidneys and for debility.
However it is more indicated when the 'Yin' energy needs boosting.
Indicated for dry skin, a sensation of body heat particularly at night,
night sweats and hot flushes. Good point for the menopause too.

Bladder 66

Bladder 62 is found where the small toe joins the foot on the outer part.
It is good for most bladder conditions particularly cystitis. As the bladder
passes through the neck this point is a good 'distal' point for neck pain.