Pericardium 6, Colon 4, Lung 9 and Heart 7

Pericardium 6


Ask the receiver to form a tight wrist. In the middle of the inner forearm you can easily feel
and see two tendons coming to the surface. The point is 2 cuns above the crease of the wrist
in the middle of the two tendons. This point is excellent for all conditions arising from tension
such as insomnia, tight muscles, listlessness and also addominal tension and indigestion
due to stress and frail nerves. It is also very useful for nausea. It is also used for pain in the
upper abdomen but can also be used to soothe pain anywhere in the body.

Large Intestine 4 or Colon 4




Co4 is located on the fleshy part just above the junction of the index finger and thumb.
Because the LI meridian reaches the head and face this point is very good for pain
in the face, headaches and colds. It is also useful for digestive problems of the colon
such as irritable bowel syndrom and diarrhoea. Used also for pain and inflammation
in the hand either temporary or due to arthritic conditions

Wrist points

Along the crease of the inner side of the wrist there are three important points.
On the outer side below the thumb is Lung 9 ( Lu9 ). In the middle is Pericardium 7,
and in the opposite lateral side to Lu9 is Heart 7 ( He7).

Both Heart 7 and Pericardium 7 are very good for nervous tension, emotional
distress and grief and they are used with a sedating technique in all cases of
emotional distress, insomnia and chronic stress. Be aware that if used for a
long period of time they could have a debilitating effect.

Lung 9 is one of the main points to tonify the lungs and a weak respiratory
system. It is used with a tonifying technique to bring energy to the lungs

Lung 9

Heart 7