Acupressure Points

Spleen 6 - Spleen 10 - Spleen 9 - Spleen 8

Spleen 6


Spleen 6 is a very popular acupressure point used for many complaints.
Feel the tip of the inner ankle (pic1), next feel for the outer border of the
shin bone which goes from the knee to the ankle (pic2), sp6 is located
3 cuns up from the tip of the ankle on the flesh next to the outer border
of the shin. Sp6 is used for lower leg and ankle pain, lower abdominal pain,
digestive problems and pain, diarrhoea, scanty and delayed periods,
good for debility, nervous exhaustion, restlessness accompanied with fatigue.
Do not use during pregnancy and heavy and frequent periods.
For painful conditions, indigestion and abdominal bloating 'disperse',
for debility 'tonify'

Spleen 10

Feel for the ridge of the upper border of the knee or the top of the bone of
the knee, reach the line just before the upper thigh becomes the inner part
of the thigh. Sp10 is located 2 cuns above the ridge of the upper knee.
Sp10 is very good point to cleanse the blood, used for most common
skin problems such as acne and dermatitis. Also useful for knee pain.
This point is mainly used with 'dispersing' techniques to remove toxins.

Spleen 9

Ask the recipient to flex their leg and feel for the gap in the knee joint, it is a small hollow line
where the upper ( femur ) and lower ( tibia ) bones of the leg meet to form the knee and just
below the main bone of the knee ( patella ) With a little practice it is very easy to feel it.
Follow the line to the inner part of the leg till you reach the fleshy bit at the very end of the line.
Sp9 is very good for problems of the bladder and reproductive system such as cystitis,
urtehritis, discharges, candida, burning urination and so forth, (acu3)

Spleen 8

From Spleen 9 calculate 3 cuns down along the border of the shin bone.
Sp 8 is very good for female complaints such as painful and irregular periods
but not be used if there is excessive menstrual flow