Acupressure Points

Stomach 36 - Stomach 44 - Liver 3

Stomach 36

Ask the recipient to flex their leg and feel for the gap in the knee joint, it is a small hollow where the upper ( femur ) and lower ( tibia ) bones of the leg meet to form the knee. With a little practice it is very easy to feel it. Next go three cuns down the shin bone ( tibia ), once you have gone three cuns down St36 is one cun laterally on the outer part of the leg.
St36 is very good to promote digestion, soothe diarrhoea and boost general vitality and for this purpose it is widely used in Chinese medicine. It also good for knee pain

Stomach 44

This point is located between the second and third toe in the flesh where
they join the foot. This point is very good for slow digestion with abdominal
bloating, discomfort in the stomach area, belching and a tendency to constipation.

Liver 3

Liver 3 is located in the flesh where the bones of the first and second toe meet.
Used in all forms of liver complaints causing symptoms such as bitter taste in
the mouth, discomfort in the right flank of the abdomen, indigestion, headaches
and liverish headaches. As in Chinese medicine the emotion associated with the
liver is anger this point is also useful in cases of irritability, anger, restlessness
and is useful to calm mental agitation and insomnia due to mental tension