Acupressure Points
Measurments, Techniques, Contraindications )

Remember that under the heading 'treating ailments' you can view how acupressure massage
integrates with other forms of massage and bodywork in relieving common complaints


A Cun (Tzun)

In the same way as we have units of measurment such as inches or centimeters
in Chinese medicine we use cuns to measure the distance between anatomical
areas ie 'Three cuns from the wrist crease' or 'Three cuns from the ankle joint'


 There are different ways to measure cuns. We will look at two of the most common ones.Flex the middle finger of the recipient, the distance between the crease of the first phalanx and the second one is considered a cun (acu 1)

Measuring 3 czuns

Draw a line across the middle of the 4 fingers: this corresponds to 3 cuns


Most of the techniques shown are to be applied using the tips of the thumbs, in delicate areas of the body such as the abdomen always use a light pressure. Occasionaly you can use the tips of the middle fingers.

Tonification - When we need to give energy to a particular area we use a tonification technique. We use tonification when there is debility and lack of energy.

To tonify we exert a mild and continuous pressure on the acupressure point for a few seconds counting till seven, we release it and repeat it again three to five times.

Sedation or Dispersion - We use these techniques when we need to soothe and calm down either a state of tension such as insomnia or relief a painful condition. We also use them when we need to 'disperse' an accumulation of a pathogenice factor that we need to get rid of such as mucous in the lungs, or a cold that we need to remove from the body.
To disperse massage with a gentle and continuous outward movement over the point, feel that you are soothing the area and removing obstructions. With the left thumb the movement will be anti-clockwise and with the right thumb the movement will be clockwise.

If there is a condition of debility such as weak lungs that needs to be tonified but there is also a condition such as acold that needs to be dispersed always disperse first. Once the cold has been cured then you can strengthen the lungs

When in doubt disperse


Again I need to remind you that the aim of this course is to help you to soothe common complaints and preserve good health. Do not attempt to tackle more complex conditions unless under strict medical supervision.
However the soothing touch of massage and bodywork can bring well-being and solace to almost anyone.

* Wait at least three hours after a main meal before applying acupressure
* Do not massage over lumps, varicose veins or a particularly painful area
* Avoid giving acupressure to a pregnant woman. I am saying this cause the body during this time is particularly vulnerable to external influences