Soothing Headaches

Headaches and migraines

The word 'headache' covers any form of pain in the head. This sometimes can be the manifestation of a serious illness for which prompt medical attention is required. However, in the majority of cases the cause is not a serious pathological condition, and the advice given in this section could change for the better the lives of many headache and migraine sufferers.
Many forms of headache and migraine present a picture of symptoms that include muscular tension, particularly in the upper body; constriction of the neck vertebrae; poor digestion and a state of general mental and emotional tension which is often accompanied by insomnia In the case of migraine there is an addition of the abnormal dilation and contraction of the circulatory vessels of the head causing severe pain. However, if the headache is caused by sinus congestion, refer to the section on the respiratory system , for ways of clearing mucus.
Through self-help, massage, essential oils and acupressure points, you will be able to keep your neck and shoulders more flexible and free of tension. This will encourage better circulation to the head and help many forms of tension headache and migraine.
These time-tested techniques will also soothe and calm the skull nerves giving a clear
head, better sleep and a more relaxed attitude. Headaches can also affect the face, so massage here too can be beneficial.
For tension headaches with possible constriction of blood vessels, the aim of the treatment is to encourage the patient to relax thus encouraging circulatory balance. Massage plays a vital role in achieving this result, but the hands-on approach can be further enhanced by various other natural and safe methods such as relaxation exercises and Chinese Qi-gong.
It makes sense to first assess your life style, including diet, and remove possible causative factors as far as possible. This can mean cutting down on too many stimulants such as coffee and alcohol as well as sugar and fatty foods, or even choosing a less stressful life style. It is important to learn how to relax: by releasing muscular tension, by inducing calm and regular breathing and by using calming visualizations. Possible allergic triggers should be removed from the diet; many headache sufferers can pinpoint the ingestion of certain food prior to an attack.

Besides massagin the neck, head, face and shoulders the following oils are helpful for headaches: lavander, chamomile, orange peel, neroli

You can also use the following acupressure points: Colon 4, Liver 3, Heart 7 if there is much stress and tension