Massage therapy and alternative medicine for Better Breathing

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Colds and flu

The common cold is a viral infection causing inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nose and throat, resulting in a runny nose, possibly headache and sore throat. Flu or influenza, also a viral infection of the respira-tory system, brings fever, aching of both the head and muscles and weakness. There is no known cure. Antibiotics are prescribed at times to lessen the side effects of a flu affecting the bronchi and the ears.
Massage, essential oils and herbs can help reduce the severity of the symptoms and shorten the duration of the infection.
Also reputed to be of benefit in fighting a cold are vitamin C, found in citrus fruits and leafy vegetables, and zinc, a trace element found in lean meat, wholemeal breads and seafood. Ask your health food shop to advise you on other sources of vitamin C and zinc.
For massage use one or more of the following essential oils: peppermint, marjoram, eucalyptus, lavender, ginger. If there is pain and body discomfort lavender and marjoram will be indicated . If there is coldness and mucous then choose ginger and eucalyptus as the main oils. Massage the combination over the chest, forehead, neck and upper back.
For colds and flu, you can also massage the following acupressure points: Colon 4, Lung 5,
Lung 1

Hay fever and allergies

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is an abnormal immune reaction to pollens, plants or dust. It occurs from spring to late summer, depending on area and types of pollens. There is irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and upper respiratory tract; perhaps nasal discharge and obstruction, oedema around the eyes with excessive and painful lacrimation, sneezing, coughing and difficult breathing. For some the symptoms are mild, but for others they can be quite extreme. People allergic to dust may have less severe reactions, but are exposed year round.
In most cases, bodywork and natural therapies might not offer a cure, but they may lessen and prevent some of the most difficult symp-toms. Also, a few weeks before the expected onset of symptoms, avoid an excessive intake of mucus-producing and irritating foods like dairy products, sugar and cakes, white bread, fried food, hot and spicy food.

The best oils to help lessen the symptoms are lavander, eucalyptus if there is mucous, marjoram, peppermint and mandarin peel. You can massage your chosen combination over the forhead and cheeks, chest, neck and upper back in particular.

The recommended points are Colon 4, Lung 5, Stomach 36 and Spleen 6 ( see acupressure section )

Weak Immunity

This condition, also referred in natural medicine to as 'weak lungs', may not be in most Western medical books, but natural and traditional medicine places great importance on the relationship between the lungs and immunity. When people complain of continuously catching colds, flus and other respiratory infections, they have weak immunity. They are also tired, and possibly emaciated.
Massage lung strengthening oils such as frankincense, benzoin, marjoram and eucalyptus particularly around the chest, neck and upper back.
The best acupressure points are Lung 9, Lung 5, Lung 1, Conception Vessel 4 and 6, Stomach 36 and Spleen 5 ( see acupressure section )

Vitamin combinations containing vitamin C, Zinc and other essential nutrients of the immune system are widely available in health food shops. Exercise and in particular chinese Qigong movements are strongly adviced

Mucus problems

This heading covers conditions like sinusitis, bronchitis, cough with expectoration and bronchial asthma, described below.
The lungs are in constant contact with air therefore many kinds of pollutants are carried into them. The membranes that cover the upper part of the respiratory system like the nose and the bronchi should give protection. They exude moderate amounts of mucus to trap pollutants, allergens (like pollen and car fumes) and bacteria. When this mucus is expectorated the trapped pollutants are safely thrown off the respiratory system. During various infections or allergic irritations the membranes can be severely irritated; an excessive production of mucus then gets trapped in areas of the respiratory system such as the sinuses, the nose, the throat and the bronchi. Natural medicine also believes that excessive consumption of fatty food in particular dairy products like full fat cheese, cakes and food with a heavy caloric content can create excessive mucous in the system.

This section also includes problems like cough with mucous and bronchitis.

The best oils to espell mucous from the respiratory system are eucalyptus, ginger, lavender aniseed and fennel. Massage them in particular around the chest, neck and upper back. If there is a lot of cough spasms and difficulty in breathing use more lavander and aniseed to soothe it and add the point Pericardium 6

The main points are Lung 5, Lung 1, Spleen 36 ( see acupressure section )

Sinusitis. An infection leads to inflammation of the membrane lining the facial sinuses, the air-filled cavities in the bone around the nose. There is a feeling of fullness, perhaps a throb-bing ache, and excess mucus drains into the nasal cavity. Usually affected are the maxillary sinuses in the cheekbones, and the ethmoidal sinuses between the eyes.

The same advice applies as in mucous problems but add Colon 4 to the points and make sure to massage around the forehead, cheeks and neck.

See also the link to Qigong exercises as these can help the respiratory sysatem