Massage therapy and alternative medicine for Removing Stress
and promoting relaxation

As well as improving general health, massage can have a profound effect on our emotional and mental well being. Powerful and painful emotions affect our conscious and subconscious minds. They can also disturb the functioning of the nervous system by either tensing or collapsing our musculature. They can contract the nerves that control breathing and digestion, causing nervous asthma, various digestive disorders, and ulcerations.
Sadness and depression, along with its resulting lethargy, can weaken our muscles, curve our spine and sink our chest; some believe this can lead to weak immunity.
Massage and bodywork increase circulation with many related benefits. It imparts warmth and a glow to our bodies and minds; relaxes tense and contracted muscles, making us feel calm and more conciliatory; it awakens and tones weak and lax muscles, giving us renewed vitality and optimism.
A good massage should infuse the receiver with a deep sense of relaxation and instil a sense of trust and nurturing and could help to rejuvenate and revitalize the nervous system. Nerves are present in every part of the body and each individual may store emotions in different areas and in different ways: one recipient may lock their emotions in the abdomen, while another may hold them in the chest or back; some receivers feel very relaxed when their feet are massaged, others their head and so on.
The following advice in part makes use of the emotional understanding of Chinese medicine; work with it and see if and when it can be of help. Over many centuries millions of people have found this approach to be beneficial.

From time to time most of us suffer from com-plaints like insomnia or depression that can diminish our enjoyment of life. Often these problems can be greatly improved through the loving and comforting touch of massage.


Most of us experience an occasional night when we cannot fall asleep. This may be due to causes such as worry, or even a late meal that sits uncomfortably in the stomach; but for many people insomnia can become chronic. Lack of sleep can greatly debilitate, and reduce mental alertness and concentration. Massage helps by soothing the nervous system and the mind. You can also practise self-massage to relax the neck and shoulders. Choose essential oils that are calming like chamomile, lavender and neroli.

Massage the following acupressure points in a circular motion for two minutes each before retiring: Pericardium 6, Heart 7, Spleen 6 and Liver 3.

If you are doing self-help you can massage those points with an essential oil combination.

Many herbal combinations are available in health food shops and pharmacies that can promote sleep without the drowsiness associated with most drug-oriented sleeping tablets.

Always go to sleep with a light stomach and do not take stimulant drinks like coffee and tea at night. Try also to do some relaxation exercises daily.

Depression and Sadness

No one can claim that massage is a cure for depression. However, a soothing and caring touch can alleviate the hopelessness and senseof isolation that accompanies this state of mind. At the same time the invigorating effects of a full-body massage can help stimulate a little more enthusiasm and zest in the recipient.
For depression and sadness, Chinese medicine advocates the treatment of acupressure points along the heart, lung and spleen meridian. With a circular motion massage the following points for two minutes twice a week: Pericardium 6, Spleen 6, Lung 9 and especially Heart 3.

You can also use any of the following essential oils: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Neroli, Orange peel, Lemon.

See also the link to meditation as there a few visualisations that can greatly soothe tension