Soothing Common Complaints Through Massage and Alternative Medicine

In this section we aim to give you some simple advice on how you can integrate massage, aromatherapy and acupressure to soothe some common complaints. We make absolutely no claims to be able to cure any disease and always ask for medical advice if in doubt or advice the receiver to consult their practitioner before receiving treatment. Everybody has a unique constitution and can react in different ways to various forms of healing so always follow the advice given and the contraindications outlined in each section. For example before using essential oils make sure that you read carefully the advice given in the section on aromatherapy. We cannot accept in any way responsability for any adverse effects on your patient.

On the other hand if you follow our instructions diligently and use a sensible and safe approach you will be able to bring some relief to many of the daily health complaints.

In some sections we have also included the relevant videos for that subject ie for the respirtory system we show videos to strengthen the area through massage and exercises. For the acupressure points see the link to acupressure