Receiving the Light

In this healing approach there are no complicated rituals to follow neither there
is the need to belong to a particular sect or religion. You can practice it maintaining
and following any faith you belong to. As mentioned earlier the principle we follow is
to endeavour to clear energy blockages in the receiver. The first step is to evoke an
energy of love untainted by our own ego and projections. None of us is perfect, we all
have problems of some kind or another either physical or mental The important thing
is to be able to relax and feel that we are pervaded by a force which is pure and
unconditionally loving. The next step is to lay our hands on the various parts of the
receiver's body and trust that nature will follow its course and that love will do its work.
All we need to do is to witness in silence and receptivity the healing process.
Healing is just happening, we are not even the doer.

The Prayer

Before starting the healing sequence let us pray from our hearts for the intervention
of a loving force to bring peace and well-being in the receiver and in us too.
I shall suggest a healing prayer, however if you follow a particular religion or faith
you are welcome to substitute it with your own prayer

Stand behind the receiver as illustrated in the photo
and recite silently the following:
( you might if you choose only recite a part of it )

Praise be to thee, parent of us all,
let your love be my motivation
let your light be my guide
let your power be my strength
let your peace be my comfort

May I touch with your hands
may I see with your eyes
may I feel with your heart
may I think with your mind

Dearest friend, come and stay,
be in my heart as I am in yours
now and forever

 Fold your hands and for a few seconds feel this energy pervading your whole being
welcome it from the centre of your heart

Next place your hands on top of the head of the receiver and feel this light pervading her as well. Do not think yourself as the healer or the giver, at this moment you are both being healed by love, silence and inner peace

From time to time whilst you are following the healing sequence you can recite
silently the following prayer in order to maintain yourself in state of inner peace:

Light of love be with me, now and for ever