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Exactly the same healing principles apply to this section on self-healing
as in the previous one. Therefore if you haven't as yet read them please
spend a few minutes in the section 'The healing sequence'

If you are going to practice healing with others then it is a good idea to
perform this self-healing routine regularly. Again I stress the fact that
this sequence is not written on stone and you might change the position
of your hands and areas covered according to your intuition and requirements

 Open your arms and recite the prayer in the introductory section.
Feel your self being filled with light, love and healing energy

  Fold your hands and for a few seconds feel this energy pervading
your whole being, welcome it from the centre of your heart

 Place your hands on top of your head

  Left hand on the forehead, right hand on the back of the head towards the occiput

 Same as above, one hand in the throat area, one in the neck area

 Right hand on left shoulder

 Right hand on top of left elbow
Repeat the last two techniques on the other arm

 Feel the energy reaching all the way down to the hands and the palms filled with warmth