The Healing Sequence

Whilst following the following healing sequence hold the different areas
for about 30 seconds to a minute. If required you can stay longer on a
particular spot if you feel that further healing is needed. From time to
time if you feel the need you can shake your hands a few times to disperse
energy accumulated from the receiver. Trust that if one area has congested
energy it will be dispersed; if another area has too little energy it will receive it;
if one area is too hot it will become cooler and if too cold it will be warmed up.

Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and maintain a deep but relaxed breath,
convey at all times a sense of trust, peace and surrender to the healing force.

Again this sequence is not written on stone and you might change the position
of your hands and areas covered according to your intuition and the requirements
of the receiver.

By placing your hands on various parts of her body in turn you
are assisting the descent of the healing energy

 Left hand on the forehead, right hand on the back of the head towards the occiput

 One hand on each shoulder

 Left hand right shoulder, right hand beneath her elbow

 Left hand on her elbow, right hand on her hand and wrist
Repeat inverting the position of the hands on the other side of the body

 Hold both hands and feel the energy reaching all the down