Healing supine

This section is indicated when the receiver is too unwell to even sit-up to receive
healing or on the other hand she might just prefer to receive healing whilst lying down!

Exactly the same healing principles apply to this section on self-healing
as in the previous one. Therefore if you haven't as yet read them please
spend a few minutes in the section 'The healing sequence'

Again this sequence is not written on stone and you might change the position of your
hands and areas covered according to your intuition and the requirements of the receiver.

 One hand on top of the forehead and one beneath the neck

 Cover the eyes and face of the receiver, feel that you are soothing their mind
and giving them rest and peace

  one hand in the throat area, one in the neck area

  One hand on each shoulder

 Left hand on right shoulder, right hand on top of elbow

 Left hand on elbow, right hand on wrist and hand