The instructions in this section are simply laid-out and presented and this is how, in my view, healing should be: simple, gentle and as unobtrusive as possible. I am not going to criticise any other schools of healing, my intention is to explain what my approach is and the difference with other schools. To me healing is the gentle art of removing obstructions in the body and psyche that might cause a state of dis-ease. To achieve this we do not need elaborate and esoteric rituals or the intervention of a foreign agency neither do we need to pay exorbitant sums to anyone that claims that the universal energy is their sole property. All we need is to relax, to evoke an energy of love filled with a nurturing essence and then to allow nature to follow its course.

There are many factors that can cause dis-ease and many we do not fully understand and they range from physical causes such as viruses, genetic inheritance, life style to more esoteric believes such as thinking patterns, past lives, lessons to be learned etc. Therefore I do not make any claims that a healing method can cure most illnesses, far from it. Heart specialists die of heart attacks, oncologists die of cancer, healers also die prematurely due to uncurable diseases, such is the wonder of life! No matter how much you would like to believe it be extremely weary of anyone who claims to be able to sell you a method that is guaranteed to cure any illness.

The main aim of healing is to bring more peace of mind, to help you to be more in tune with your heart and body and to encourage you to be a positive and caring person. Healing when administered to others can contribute to give them a more relaxed state of mind and to soothe some of their discomfort and pain. Sometimes great transformations can occur but let them come as a blessing and don't always assume that they will be the norm.

Healing might not cure an illness but on some occasions it will allow people who are unwell to feel better in their body and mind and to perform activities which normally they would have been incapable of. Even if the illness is not fully removed their quality if life might change for the better.

Carlo De Paoli D.O.