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  Plato Greek philosopher. A disciple of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle he founded the Academy in Athens. This is his statue located before the Academy of Athens Greece.

                         ‘365 genuine philosophical and spiritual quotations’
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Over a year ago I began researching quotations on the internet and I saw many websites with hundreds of them and it became clear that most of them had copied those quotes from each other. Nothing wrong with that but what baffled me the most was the realization that many of those quotes were not only abbreviations from the originals but the phrases were truncated in such a way that their meaning was changed almost beyond recognition. After a year of research I am pleased to bring you the ebook ‘365 genuine spiritual and philosophical quotations’ with all the quotes from the original texts and enriched with commentary and meditations. From Socrates to Buddha, from Vedanta to Plato, from Plotinus to Einstein and Krishnamurti. You can download a free sample in pdf, read it and distribute it freely. Remember to keep your mobile gadget horizontally otherwise the text will not show properly. Right click here and save as to download.


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